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BRITISH & INTERNATIONAL SECURITY VETERANS , english speaking bodyguard barcelona, english bodyguard barcelona,

TEAM-ONE Bodyguards are the veteran security operatives from Spain's leading private security provider ~ Diplomat Protection Group®We have built a reputation for being the 'Top Security Team' in the Northern regions of Spain.


Our Professional Bodyguards protect clients living, working or travelling in challenging environments. Combining modern day social skills and valuable local knowledge... you'll find TEAM.ONE operatives very reassuring to have by your side during your time in Barcelona.

Established in 1997 ... 26 years operational experience in Spain , bodyguard barcelona, bodyguard service barcelona, bodyguard hire barcelona, close protection barcelona, executive protection barcelona, private security barcelona, personal bodyguard barcelona, personal security guard barcelona,



Our Personal Bodyguards in Barcelona see the City through trained-eyes. Our role is to ensure that you do not collide with the negative elements that we see around you.

Ultimately, it's our responsibility to create & maintain a calm, safe, private & well-organised environment around our client - so you can really relax & enjoy life!

Bodyguard Hire Barcelona


Pickpocket & Street Crime

Capital of Europe!

Criminal activities & scams in Barcelona are complex & wide-spread... organised crime gangs from all over Europe have made this City their No.1 target.


From rapid street thefts to well-planned surveillance on 5-star hotel guests & the homes of wealthy residents... crime in Barcelona is big business!

To effectively avoid becoming a victim of this problem - corporate & private clients are turning to top-level security teams like ours.

  • We cater for short-term visits & full-time security operations for VIP residents.

  • We assist & guide other security teams visiting with their own principal clients.

  • We accompany VIP tourists travelling around Spain & the Mediterranean jet-set resorts.



Diplomat Protection Group®


Protecting Globally-Significant Families 1997 - 2023

Protecting Barcelona's VIP community

Diplomat Protection Group®

Bodyguard Service Barcelona

TEAM-ONE Bodyguards are Private Security Veterans with exceptional experience in Spain's Private Security sector - applying highly desirable skill-sets to provide enhanced levels of personal protection & privacy for clientele visiting or living in Barcelona.

Members of TEAM-ONE have a minimum of 15 years Close Protection experience in Spain. We speak fluent English / Spanish... plus other useful languages.



TEAM-ONE operates to standards & protocols from our former roles within Government Protection, Armed Tactical Response, Private Military Contracting & Advanced VIP Protection environments... At-Risk VIP's can depend on our Professional Bodyguards to deliver Advanced Personal Protection - combined with modern day social skills and useful local knowledge.



26 years of service from our Mediterranean HQ here in Spain... Protecting VIP Travellers & our City-based clientele. No matter what level of protection you require from your Barcelona Bodyguard - you can continue enjoying your lifestyle, whilst we discretely manage your safety, security & privacy.​ , bodyguard barcelona, bodyguard service barcelona, bodyguard hire barcelona, close protection barcelona, executive protection barcelona, private security barcelona, personal bodyguard barcelona, personal security guard barcelona,

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  • Professional Bodyguards

  • Close Protection

  • Executive Protection

  • Security Chaperone

  • Private Villa Security

  • Vacation Tour Security

  • Clandestine Tasks

  • QRF Deployment

  • Covert Surveillance

  • Intelligence gathering


*We operate a 2-man team policy

from €600 per day

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If you're not in direct contact with us

- you're not being protected by us!

Diplomat Protection Group® is not an agency or middleman - you are communicating directly with Barcelona's premier private security team. Contacting us directly is the only way to be certain that you are being protected by our team.

Sadly, imposters, fakes & middlemen have been using our name & reputation for financial gain. 

To avoid any confusion:

  • City-based Concierge / Middlemen are not authorised to offer services by Diplomat Protection Group®.


  • We do not collaborate with any local business offering security services in Barcelona. Beware of others claiming to be members of our team or promoting themselves as our 'preferred-partners'.


  • Our trusted International partners & Embassy contacts will connect you directly with our office so you can be certain that you are receiving our service.


  • Our security services can only be hired via our official website.

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